Announcing the HALUSHKA-X PRIZE – Awarded

$100 Amazon Gift Certificate to the first person or persons who can identify two reads of the sequence “TCTTGCAATTAAAAGGGGGAA” in any human public RNA sequencing dataset.*


  1. The data must be available in a public repository such as Sequence Read Archive.
  2. The data must have been deposited before October, 24, 2022.
  3. The full “TCTTGCAATTAAAAGGGGGAA” sequence can be part of a larger read.
  4. Partial sequences or any nucleotide mismatches are incorrect.
  5. The data must be from human RNA (not DNA) sequencing data.
  6. The sequence “TCTTGCAATTAAAAGGGGGAA” is also known as hsa-miR-Chr8:96 or hsa-Chr8:96 as described here.
  7. To win the prize, the first person to email me with the SRA number, or equivalent, and the number of reads containing the full sequence, will be declared the winner, upon verification that it is correct. The winner will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Certificate sent to the email address of the winning information.
  8. The HALUSHKA-X Prize can be cancelled at any time and for any reason necessary.

Congratulations to Tim Sullivan for winning the HALUSHKA-X prize with the finding of two 100bp reads in thyroid tissue.

Welcome to the Halushka Lab – Cardiovascular & Genomic Sciences

The Halushka laboratory is interested in the overarching question of expression localization in tissues.  To address this, the laboratory has set out upon several avenues of discovery in the areas of microRNA expression, proteomics and tissue gene expression.  Many of these queries relate to the cardiovascular field as Dr. Halushka is a cardiovascular pathologist.  Come learn about the science being done in the laboratory.

The Halushka Lab is a proud member of the Program for microRNA Biology at Johns Hopkins.

The Halushka Lab thanks our current funding agency – NIH – NIGMS.