August, 2017

Saying good-by to our summer students: Katerina Havlik student at Muhlenberg Collage entering her senior year this fall; and Vivian Sun, High School Senior! Wishing you both success in your future endeavors!

June, 2017

Lab celebration of 3 new grants!

May 19, 2017

Dr. Nicola Diny was awarded today The Myocarditis Foundation Research Fellowship for 2017-2018 in Basic Research!

Congratulations Dr. Diny!

Other presentations from our lab at the Cardiovascular Retreat may 19, 2017!

March 28, 2017

Dr. Guobao Chen had the honor of presenting his research today at the Keystone Symposium. Dr Chen had both an oral presentation and a poster and was awarded the Keystone Symposia Scholarship Certificate!
Congratulations Dr. Chen!

March 23, 2017

Pathology Young Investigator’s Day at Johns Hopkins

March 16, 2017- Press Release

Rare Type of Immune Cell Responsible for Progression of Heart Inflammation to Heart Failure in Mice


March 7, 2017

Congratulations to Nicola Diny for successfully defending her dissertation and becoming Dr. Nicola Diny!


January 2017

2016 MF Fellowship Research Grant Recipient-Dr. Guobao Chen

Dr. Guobao Chen was awarded today The Myocarditis Foundation Research Fellowship for 2017-2018 for his work on “The Role of PDGFRa+ Cardiac Fibroblast in Myocarditis”.
Congratulations Dr. Chen!


December 7, 2016

The back cover of the European Journal of Immunology features an H & E picture from our latest publication!


June 3rd

Cardiovascular Research Retreat

Our students and fellows presented posters.

HeeSun Choi

HeeSun with posterHeeSun presenting

Xuezhou (Snow) Hou

Snow with posterSnow presenting to Katerina

Nicola Diny

Nicola with posterNicola presenting to summer students

Dr. William Bracamonte-Baran

William with posterWilliam presenting

Dr. Guobao (Paul) Chen

Paul with poster

Congratulations to Paul who won first place in the Stanley L. Blumenthal, MD Basic Science Poster Competition at the retreat!



May 26th

Postdoctoral Retreat at Johns Hopkins

One of our postdoctoral fellows, Guobao (Paul) Chen, Ph.D., presented a poster.





May 20th

The American Heart Association Fellowships


Congratulations to Xuezhou (Snow) Hou, William Bracamonte-Baran, Ph.D., and Hee Sun Choi, M.S. on receiving fellowships from the American Heart Association!



March 30th

Pathology Young Investigator’s Day at Johns Hopkins

Our Ph.D. candidate students and one of our postdoctoral fellows presented posters.

Dr. William Bracamonte-Baran


Nicola Diny


Xuezhou (Snow) Hou


HeeSun Choi



Congratulations to our Ph.D. candidate, Nicola Diny, M.S., who won an award for Excellence in Translational Research for her poster presentation at this event!