About Us

The Johns Hopkins Advanced Clinical Chemistry Diagnostics Laboratory (ACCDL) is our university-based Clinical Chemistry laboratory focused on translational research and patient care. The lab was established by our Division Director, Dr. Daniel Chan, as the Clinical Chemistry Reference Lab to support research and development of tumor markers. However, over the years we have rapidly grown in size and scope, and we currently conduct and support research in a wide variety of areas.

We are a CLIA-certified laboratory, so we are able to provide support for clinical trials as well as provide specialty testing for patient care. We also participate with multiple industry partners for technology evaluations or pilot studies, alpha and beta studies during product development, and for studies to support FDA submissions. In addition, all of our faculty members are part of various federally funded research grants, providing research support for a wide variety of scientific investigations. We are able to provide fee-for-service research support, in addition to participating in collaborative research. We are a Johns Hopkins Core Facility, and those details can be found at The ACCDL Core Website.