Amazing recent progress in precision medicine in treating several cancers, autoimmune disorders including MS, and infectious diseases such as HIV heavily lies on our understandings of the fundamental mechanisms that govern how immune system recognize and fights back. For the past two decades, our laboratory has been at the forefront of the basic research to unravel unknown mechanisms involved in handling interactions of infectious agents including HIV, or influenza, and autoimmune diseases, and in finding out how the immune cells counter attack. Without this knowledge, it is impossible to design immunotherapeutics to intervene with cancer growth, new emerging infectious diseases, such as Zika virus, autoimmune diseases, and allergies. However, fundamental research is very costly; it requires years of research by many bright and dedicated investigators, yet its impacts are not readily appreciated by the mainstream tax payers. Consequently, in recent years government funding for research has been channeled more towards clinical research, taking away from the basic research. While we have been doing great with what we have, but could do so much more with your help. Every donation accelerates our progress toward improving human health.

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