The Laboratory for Precision Immunology

The Larman Laboratory is part of the Immunology Division in the Pathology Department at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The lab is situated within the Institute for Cell Engineering‘s Immunobiology Program. Our efforts are devoted to developing and deploying highly multiplexed techniques that can be used to better understand human immune responses. Much of our work combines DNA synthesis, high throughput DNA sequencing, and sample handling automation for massively parallel molecular measurements. Examples of our technologies include:

  • bacteriophage display of synthetic peptide libraries for comprehensive, quantitative profiling of antibodies (PhIP-Seq) and proteases (SEPARATE);
  • display of protein libraries for antigen discovery, protein-protein interaction studies, and drug target identification (MIPSA);
  • highly efficient immune receptor repertoire analyses (FR3AK-seq); and
  • ultrasensitive, multiplex RNA quantification techniques to monitor gene expression and detect microbes (LISH-seq, cRASL-seq).