Specific Aims and Areas of Interest

1. Specific Aim 1 – To promote medical mycology research and development in the following areas.

  • Diagnosis
    • To develop and evaluate better diagnostic assays for invasive fungal infection detection in multicenter studies.
    • To design and perform investigator-initiated or industry-initiated, multicenter, clinical and outcomes studies to establish the utility of new diagnostic tests.
    • To support discovery or evaluation and commercialization for greater access.
  • New/Emerging Fungal Pathogens
    • Monitor the recovery and identification of novel/emerging fungal pathogens
    • Design and standardize approaches to confirm the identity of novel/emerging fungal pathogens
  • Antifungals
    • Promotion of broader susceptibility testing availability
    • Antifungal resistance detection
    • New antifungal drug development

2. Specific Aim 2 – To write consensus fungal diagnostic guidelines and laboratory protocols

3. Specific Aim 3 – Support Medical Mycology education

  • Workshop/Course
  • Conference