• Naked DNA Vaccine
  • RNA Replicon Vaccine
  • RNA Replicon Particle Vaccine
  • Vaccinia Vaccine
  • Prime-Boost Strategies
  • Intracellular Targeting Strategies
  • Intercellular Spreading Strategies
  • Dendritic Cell Targeting Strategies
  • Combination of Immunotherapy and Anti-Angiogenesis
  • Prolongation of Dendritic Cell Life Using Antiapoptotic Proteins and RNA Interference
  • Identification of HPV-16 E6 and E7* Immunodominant Epitopes
  • E6 and E7 Gene Modification to Create Better DNA Vaccines
  • Combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapeutic strategies

E6 and E7 are consistently expressed in HPV-associated lesions and are responsible for malignant transformation of infected cells.