Congratulations to Becca Sosa!

Congratulations to Sfanos lab undergraduate student Rebecca Sosa on being awarded the 3rd place Margaret Foti Foundation Undergraduate Prize for Cancer Research for her recent participation in the AACR Undergraduate Student Caucus and Poster Competition! Becca presented her research “Verification of Subclonal CDKN1B mRNA Loss in Primary Prostate Cancer Tissues using RNA in situ Hybridization”. Great work Becca!

AACR Undergraduate Student Caucus and Poster Competition

Congratulations to Carli Jones, P.E.O. Scholar!

Carli was chosen for the P.E.O. Scholar Award based on her scholarly excellence, academic achievement, and career goals. Carli is studying the relationship between radiation exposure and radiotherapy and the gastrointestinal microbiome. She currently aspires to work for NASA and to study the effects of spaceflight on the human body, and particularly in the areas of immunology and the gut-brain axis.

New from Sfanos Lab: Interleukin-8 Expression is Associated with Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness and Androgen Receptor Loss in Primary and Metastatic Prostate Cancer

We recently published a study led by Dr. Janielle Maynard examining the overexpression of IL-8 in aggressive prostate cancer and in relation to androgen receptor loss in both primary and metastatic prostate cancer tissues. This pro-inflammatory cytokine is likely inhibited by the androgen receptor, and is expressed in both atrophic tissues and metastatic cancers where androgen receptor is downregulated or lost. Congratulations Janielle!


Congratulations to Dr. Janielle Maynard for winning Translational Research Award!

Congratulations to postdoctoral fellow Dr. Janielle Maynard for winning the Honorable Ralph Burnett Poster Award for Translational Research at the 14th Annual Department of Urology Donald S. Coffey Ph.D. Prostate Research Day! Dr. Maynard’s poster was entitled “Targeting P2X4 Purinergic Receptors in Aggressive Prostate Cancer“. Fantastic work Janielle!