Lab Members

Alumni ยป

Dr. David Nauen David Nauen, M.D., Ph.D.
David Nauen is a neuropathologist and investigator. His group is focused on understanding the development and cellular architecture of human medial temporal lobe structures and how these change in injury, including those causing epilepsy, and aging.



Rohan Choraghe, MBBS, PhD — Postdoctoral Fellow

Precise deposition of individual cells by type and matrix for neural tissue growth.



Sharanyan Raghavan — Master’s Student

Growth of neurons on biomimetic matrices.



Yush Kapoor — Neuroscience and Computer Science

Light patterning of tissue matrix.



Vaibhav Maru — Biophysics and Neuroscience

Contact-free modulation of neuronal activity.




Josephine Chang — Computer Science and Neuroscience

Machine vision for investigation of brain structure.



Yusuf Faris — Neuroscience

Technique development for microscopic characterization of medial temporal lobe structure.




Shaili Tripathi — Biomedical Engineering

Construction of system for continuous extracellular monitoring of electrical activity in vitro.