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Dec 2010. Taipei Brain Tumor Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “BRAF alterations and senescence in pediatric low grade gliomas”
  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Mechanisms of therapeutic resistance in glioblastoma: Notch-Hedgehog Crosstalk”
  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Site specific glioma induction by Notch3”
  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Using human neural stem cells to model brain tumors”

Dec 2010. Grand Rounds, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Modeling Pediatric Gliomas”

Dec 2010. Pathology Lecture Series, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN

  • Eli Bar (Invited Talk) ” Three Pathways, One Goal: Elimination of Cancer Stem Cells in GBM

Nov 2010. SNO Education Day/Mouse Models of Cancer Consortium, Montreal, Canada

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Notch3 Activation Promotes Site-Specific Invasive Glioma Formation”

Sept 2010. Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Dept. of Stem Cell Biology, Cleveland, OH

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “The Role of Notch and Brain and Eye Tumors”

July 2010. Neural Differentiation and Brain Tumors Course, Cold Spring Harbor, NY

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Developmental Signaling Pathways in Brain Tumors”

June 2010. International Society of Pediatric Neuro-Oncology, Vienna, Austria

  • Eric Raabe (Oral Presentation) “BRAF induces cellular transformation and senescence in human neural stem cells: a model of pilocytic astrocytoma”

May 2010 University of Illinois at Chicago, Graduate Recognition Day

  • Eli Bar (Invited Talk) “Hypoxia Increases The Expression Of The Stem-Cell Markers Side-Population and CD133 And Promotes Clonogenicity In Tumor Neurospheres”

May 2010 The 18th International Conference on Brain Tumor Research and Therapy (Asilomar Meeting)

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Differing oncogenic potentials of Notch 1, Notch 2 and Notch 3 in optic gliomas”

May 2010 Canadian Neuro-Oncology Meeting

  • Eli Bar (Invited Talk) “Cellular model systems for pediatric brain tumor research and high throughput drug screens”

May 2010 ARVO Annual Meeting, Ft. Lauderdale

  • Laura Asnaghi (Talk) “Notch Signaling: a New Potential Target in the Treatment of Ocular Melanoma”

April 2010 AACR Annual Meeting, Washington DC

  • Karisa Schrek (Talk) “Notch Modulates Hedgehog Signaling in Glioblastoma: A Potential Mechanism of Therapeutic Resistance”
  • Eric Raabe (Poster) “Using human neural stem cells to model pediatric high grade gliomas: the role of p53, c-MYC, and EGFRvIII in neoplastic transformation”
  • Kah Jing Lim (Poster) “Using nanocurcumin to treat medulloblastoma and glioblastoma”
  • Laura Asnaghi (Poster) “Notch Signaling: a New Potential Target in the Treatment of Ocular Melanoma”

March 2010 AAOP/USCAP Companion Society Meeting, Washington DC

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Squamous and sebaceous lesions of conjunctiva – advances in immunohistochemical markers”

March 2010 USCAP Annual Meeting, Washington DC

  • Anand Rajan (Poster) “c-myc protein expression is prognostic of survival in embryonal brain tumor patients”
  • Kamaljeet Singh (Poster) “Systemic IGG4 Disease and Orbital Inflammatory Lesions including Necrobiotic Xanthogranuloma”

December 2009 AACR Special Conference on Genetics and Biology of Brain Tumors, San Diego

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk)  “Cellular and Molecular Origins of Embryonal Brain Tumors”

October 2009 Society for Neuro-Oncology Annual Meeting, New Orleans

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Crosstalk between Notch and Hedgehog in medulloblastoma and other brain tumors – the potential for therapeutic resistance.”
  • Charles Eberhart (Talk) “Selective Induction of Optic Nerve Tumors by Notch3”
  • Eric Raabe (Poster) “Modeling high-grade brain tumors using human neural stem cells: Does location matter?”
  • Eli Bar (Poster) “Hypoxia Increases CD133-Percentage And Clonogenicity In Tumor Neurospheres”
  • Kah Jing Lim (Poster) “Using the natural remedies Zeng Sheng Ping and curcumin to treat medulloblastoma and glioblastoma”

September 2009 The Notch Meeting, Athens, Greece

  • Karissa Schreck (Talk) “Combinatorial Targeting of Notch and Hedgehog in Malignant Brain Tumors”

June 2009 PLGA International Research Conference, Nottingham, England

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “BRAF in Pediatric Low Grade Gliomas”

April 2009 AAOP/USCAP Annual Meeting, Boston

  • Charles Eberhart (Invited Talk) “Advances in Orbital Neuropathology”

March 2009 AACR Annual Meeting, Denver

  • Eric Raabe (poster) “Immortalization and Transformation of Human Neural Stem Cells: Does Location Matter?”
  • Eli Bar (poster) “Hypoxia Increases CD133-Percentage and Clonogenicity in Tumor Neurospheres”