New from Sfanos Lab: Interleukin-8 Expression is Associated with Prostate Cancer Aggressiveness and Androgen Receptor Loss in Primary and Metastatic Prostate Cancer

We recently published a study led by Dr. Janielle Maynard examining the overexpression of IL-8 in aggressive prostate cancer and in relation to androgen receptor loss in both primary and metastatic prostate cancer tissues. This pro-inflammatory cytokine is likely inhibited by the androgen receptor, and is expressed in both atrophic tissues and metastatic cancers where androgen receptor is downregulated or lost. Congratulations Janielle!


Congratulations to Dr. Janielle Maynard for winning Translational Research Award!

Congratulations to postdoctoral fellow Dr. Janielle Maynard for winning the Honorable Ralph Burnett Poster Award for Translational Research at the 14th Annual Department of Urology Donald S. Coffey Ph.D. Prostate Research Day! Dr. Maynard’s poster was entitled “Targeting P2X4 Purinergic Receptors in Aggressive Prostate Cancer“. Fantastic work Janielle!

Summer in Sfanos lab

Congratulations to our summer students Xavier Aviles Hernandez as part of the CSM Summer Internship Program (SIP) and Mya Smith as part of the MERIT program on the successful completion and presentation of their summer research projects under the mentorship of postdoctoral fellow Dr. Janielle Maynard! Mya won 2nd place in her poster session in the high school category!

Mya Smith and Dr. Janielle Maynard

Xavier Aviles Hernandez and Sfanos lab members

Congratulations to Yossef Baidi!

Congratulations to Sfanos lab Undergraduate student Yossef Baidi for his recent graduation with a B.S. in Chemistry from Johns Hopkins University! Yossef will move on to become a post-baccalaureate Research Associate in the Neal lab within the Cancer Program at the Broad Institute. We look forward to great things to come Yossef!

Congratulations to Dr. Corey Porter!

Dr. Corey Porter, a 2018 Ph.D. graduate of the Sfanos lab, recently attended the commencement ceremony for the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine to receive her diploma and to be hooded. Dr. Porter is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of Dr. Matthias Truttmann at the University of Michigan. We are so proud of you Corey!