Recent & Ongoing Collaborations With:

  • With Dr. Zack at the Wilmer Eye Institute and Dr. Welsbie at UCSD:
    DLK-JNK signaling in traumatic/diffuse axonal injury: mechanisms and therapeutics
  • With Drs. Glowatzki and Vincent at the Department of Otolaryngology:
    Optogenetic strategies to study the generation of de novo functional circuits after neural precursor transplants
  • With Dr. Scholl at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) and Dr. Lauer at the Department of Otolaryngology:
    Electrophysiological diagnostic and prognostic assessments for concussion
  • With Dr. Mermagen and colleagues at the Army Research Laboratory:
    Behind-Helmet Blunt (Ballistic) TBI: from neuropathology to protection
  • With Dr. Voo at the Applied Physics Laboratory (APL):
    Modeling TBI at the Mesoscale
  • With Dr. Ramesh in the Whiting School of Engineering of JHU:
    Engineering impact-acceleration models to study concussion in rodents
  • With Dr. Juan Troncoso of the Hopkins Brain Resource Center (BRC) and the Maryland Office of Medical Examiner:
    Molecular neuropathology of focal and diffuse TBI