The Halushka lab is hiring a postdoctoral student with proteomics experience to embark on a cutting edge program to evaluate the proteome of the cardiomyocyte intercalated disc.  The lab is also hiring a postdoctoral student or graduate student to investigate expression changes in atherosclerosis. Inquiries welcome. Funding is secured for both positions.

Proteomics Position

The laboratory has an extramurally funded grant to embark on a cutting-edge project exploring the proteome of the cardiac myocyte intercalated disc and the role of protein trafficking in arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy.  We are recruiting a hardworking, independent-minded post-doctoral fellow with experience in quantitative targeted proteomics. Applicants must be familiar with protein sample preparation and hands-on familiarity with mass spectrometers.  The trainee will be co-mentored with Dr. Avi Rosenberg.

Minimum education/training: PhD in a proteomics field or a closely related field.

Molecular Biology Position

The laboratory focuses on miRNAs, cardiovascular disease, and expression localization. The laboratory has a new R01 to support a cutting-edge project exploring expression alterations in atherosclerosis. A postdoc is needed to lead this project. Specific tasks will be to develop new methods related to miRNA expression and RNA-ISH.  General molecular biology skills including cell culture, PCR, and working with RNA are needed. No animal work is proposed for the project. Applicants must be hardworking and independent-minded.

Minimum education/training: PhD in a molecular biology or closely related field.

To apply for either position, please send your CV including 3 references to Marc Halushka at

Current Lab Members
Yin Lu, PhD – Bioinformatics

Former Lab Members

Oliver Kent, PhD

Anne Macgregor

Josh Hertel

Jie Lu