The Halushka laboratory is engaged in a number of exciting scientific endeavors.  These are current lab projects:

  • Tissue expression deconvolution.  We have been collaborating with Matthew McCall to investigate GTEx tissues to understand tissue expression composition and how to deconvolute tissue signal into its intrinsic cell parts. This work resulted in the recent AJHG manuscript entitled “Complex Sources of Variation in Tissue Expression Data: Analysis of the GTEx Lung Transcriptome”.

stringNetwork_Cluster G



  • The intercalated disc proteome.  In collaboration with the Avi Rosenberg laboratory, we are engaged in a project to determine which proteins are located at this junction and how they may be altered in arrhythmogenic diseases (recently funded!).



  • The microRNAome. We have developed the methods and are now determining the cellular microRNAome from individual cell types.  This work has recently been published in Genome Research.  We are now exploring obtaining near in vivo miRNA cell expression data using a tool we developed called xMD-miRNA-seq.








Visit our Sudden Cardiac Death website to learn about our research on Sudden Cardiac Death.